digifi is a full service digital solutions company based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Marketing & New Media

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Looking for a fresh marketing perspective for your business? Want to produce unique marketing materials that will grab your customers' attention? Or are you just looking for some custom business cards or letterhead? Either way, you've come to the right place.

Digifi offers all levels of marketing services, from corporate logo design to advertising material production to entire advertising and political campaigns.

digital design..hoot hoot
digital design...hoot hoot

Good design takes time and quality communication, but the results will make you proud and make people interested in your business. Two things that just about everyone (in business) is looking for.

Digifi works with you to come up with the look that suits your company. it takes us listening to you about your ideas, and you trusting in us to put those ideas along with our experience and education into something we'll both be proud of.

However, design doesn't just mean a website or a company logo, it entails many things including:

  • Custom illustration
  • Custom digital graphics or artwork
  • Full company branding: logo, brochure, business cards, letterhead, stationary, signage, promotional banners, etc
  • Advertisement graphics (newspaper, magazine, online banner ads, etc)

Are you thinking of something that you don't see mentioned here? Odds are we can do that too. Even if we can't, we're good enough people to refer you to a credible company who will get the job done for you!

Digifi is passionate about all things design, so even if you just want to sit down and talk about design options for your business, send us an email (we check them very often).

Why Rebrand?

Rebranding makes a huge difference. Think about how big a first impression you get from any company when you see their logo (brand) on their product or office building. It can make the difference between a customer coming to you and going somewhere else that looks (and seems) more professional.

The key to redeveloping your businesses look is to bring all the elements of your business together in something that is eye-catching, professional and impressive.

Branding is all about creating a a positive public perception, so let digifi create a positive perception for your business today!

Contact us and let us help you build your brand!