digifi is a full service digital solutions company based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada


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Company Overview

Digifi inc. was founded in 2006 with the philosophy that the quality of the product comes before the bottom line. To this end we are dedicated to providing the best for our customers in software development, websites and new media design.

To borrow a page from Dilbert author Scott Adams, our motto is "Have Fun, Satisfy Customers, Make Money", and we do it in that order. What we do is not only our job, it's also our hobby; we love doing it and it shows in our work!

With a passion for perfection and a sincere desire to see happy customers, digifi's customer base has steadily grown across North America since its inception and we're not stopping there. The feedback received has shown that digifi doesn't simply satisfy its customers; it delights them!

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About the Staff

Clayton Rumley

Founder, Lead Developer
I have been programming for fun since 1991 and professionally since 1999 in both the public and private sectors. My work with graphic designers has given me an understanding of what makes them tick and given me the ability to work symbiotically with them to ensure that not only do our products function well, but they look great too!

clayton [at] digifi [dot] ca

Braden Gibbs

Creative Designer
All creative and artsy people are a little eccentric, well, I'm no different. The cool thing about me is that I have the education and experience to back up my creative ideas.

I try my best to add a distinct style to everything that digifi does.

Personally, I'm passionate about all things creative, design, & web. My other interests away from design include sports; hockey, basketball, CFL football, golf, tennis, and 9-ball billiards. Other arts such as music and film also take up some of my spare time, and I also enjoy giving back to the community by coaching various levels of hockey.

Overall, I'm a pretty personable guy who just loves to put his artistic skills to work.

braden [at] digifi [dot] ca